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House Authorizes Lawsuit Against President Obama
New York’s Abortion Protest Law Is Praised by Justices, but F ...
Samsung gives Milk Music streaming a subscription option
Israeli Shells Said to Hit Shelter at Gaza U.N. School
NVIDIA Researchers Achieve Near UHD Image Quality With Cheap, ...
Google releases the source code for its I/O 2014 app as a tem ...
CIOs Describe Turning Points In Their Careers
Twitter may be considering a Facebook-style feed — but would ...
Chartboost, Chukong Link Up To Bring Mobile Game Cross-Promot ...
WATCH FREE VIDEO: http://bit.ly/1gLyqR1 The S&P 500 hit ...
NomadPlus turns your iPhone’s wall plug into an external batt ...
If you’re part of the ‘younger set with high income,’ you mig ...
Sprint expands 4G LTE network to 17 more markets
Flash Memory Spawns Recognition And Massive Gathering
NVIDIA begins shipping Shield Tablet to gamers
Israeli 4-hour cease-fire for parts of Gaza ends as Palestini ...
San Jose police discover that, yes, they did buy a drone
Hitlist update positions it to challenge heavyweight travel a ...
Hands on: Will Lytro’s Illum camera, aimed at photographers, ...
CIO 100 Winners Turn Analytics Into Money-Making New Products
The Philips Hue Tap Proves An Elegant Accessory For Connected ...
Geek Wars Loom As Geekatoo Raises $1.7 Million To Once Again ...
1Password log-ins are coming to third-party iOS apps
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